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Joe is an artist with a vision

At an early age, Joe was introduced to construction work by his father. A professional salesman, his father used his carpentry skills, nights and weekends, to rebuild the farmhouse where they lived and Joe was his willing apprentice.

This experience was just a pleasant memory when Joe completed his four years in the Air Force as a civil engineer. He came home expecting to follow his father's footstep in sales but soon realized that this was not the future for him. With a close friend he started KnKRenovations.

That was 1992. Going through those early years was tough and his buddy soon found something steadier. Joe continued on his own and, eventually, his reputation for quality, service, and value started to spread.

Contractor by weekdays, and plane builder by weekends, Joe is an artist with a vision. He loves the craft and thrill of creating a new kitchen, or a new bathroom, and the satisfaction of seeing the finished product.

From your first ideas to the last item on the punch list, from a renovation to a completely new room, Joe is the guy who can make it happen. Call him at 708.819.8978 to discuss your next project.

kitchen and bathroom remodeling

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